Fitness & Nutritional Lifestyle with being a Grandma and Mother of Special Needs.

You are never up in age or too busy to feel good, be good and look good. Being a Grandma and a mother of an special needs adult individual for me means to be an advocate, to cheer on, encourage, be supportive, give love, advice and always have open arms for big hugs. It also means to lead by example, have fun, be real & be strong.  

I fill my mind & body with things that will enable me to continue to be strong in all those areas as well as for my personal endeavors. I Train for the curve balls that are sure to be thrown my way, because this is life. I train for the precious moments too, because I want to be fully alert and present to enjoy them to the fullest. My fitness training is first and foremost for the betterment of my health, mind and spirit, I cannot stress this enough!!! Looking good is a perk, not remotely as important to me as the other three. Trust me I've looked phenomenal while suffering from ailments which kept me imprisoned, so no thank you.

Inner, ment…

When healthy does not mean healthy for you!

Not all things healthy are necessarily healthy for you.

This is what I have come to discover in my odyssey of health and nutrition.
Involving me experiencing trial and error, as well as awareness of my inner and outer self.

In the beginning of embarking on my change of lifestyle, I noticed After several months of  staying consistent with my exercise routine and healthy nutritional intake, that I was not loosing any weight and not looking, nor feeling any better.

The swollen bags under my eyes were still there.
I woke up more tired than when going to bed the night before.
I Lacked energy through out the day and everyday.
All of  my clothes felt tighter and tighter day by day.

Of course I was not pleased and certainly asked myself...."Seriously, how could this be?? After busting my butt at the gym and eliminating all the processed foods."

Experimentation time came and among many findings, below I'm listing two that stood out for me the most.

Two foods that were effecting …