Best high ever - Endorphines

If I was told 12 years ago that this was the exercise is the key to ease my depression, increase my energy and a whole array of other benefits,  I would have never believed it, but then again no one told me, and certainly not the doctors. 

Of course, it is easier to have my consistent physically active lifestyle work for me when I do not have genuine worries or things in my life aren't as hectic, and I am not quite sure if I would have been able to utilize this outlet when I was grieving my dad's passing a few years back. 

But, I can tell you that even when I did not have any major concerns in the past,  I would still experience depressive episodes simply because when dealing with issues that are chemically based from within your body, snapping out of it does not apply. 

I am so happy to write that ever since I have been consistently implementing my routine, I simply can't imagine going without it. 

Neurotransmitters - Endorphins. The ultimate high! 
Fuel for my central nervous system. 

I have read that there are several endorphins, one in particular has been shown to be stronger than an analgesic. 

Beta Endorphins. 

I am unequivocally certain that this endorphin has been the reason why I no longer get those deep nasty bouts of depression that use to leave me, shattered.  I am not saying that I am cured from all depressive symptoms, anxiety or similar.

 I still have a sad moment here and there, a less than occasional nudge of anxiety, moments of discontent, why? well because nothing is perfect.  But, I nip it right where it needs to be nipped, even more important, I am able to do so. 

And I am sure that my entire change of lifestyle has contributed to that ability. 

I take my workout routines serious and to the next level. I push pass the limit. I challenge myself with exercises, and in return I am stimulated and rewarded with endorphins naturally.

I get high on my own supply!

I personally believe that these endorphins work on a time release formula as well. But don't quote me on that. {imagine a smiley face followed by an el o el}

So in my own words, I am no longer communing on a regular basis with that monster (depression) who would  come along, snatch my body, crushing it up into a million little pieces, scatter them around and leaving them to paste themselves back together again. Not anymore.

I'm doing the Crushing Now! In the GYM! And even home...…

Sources have discovered that exercise which exerts, tend to create these endorphins that can make some people feel good and high!

I've discovered that I am one of those people. Yay!!!

According to an article I read:  "Going from a low level of exercise to higher intensity, strength and endurance level creates this particular endorphin which is responsible for the high which some runners like to call, runner's high."  I now can totally relate. 

Like with many health related things, consulting a physician that can better guide you as to which fitness routine may work best is the first step into the beginning a wonderful journey. 

Also, starting of slowly, baby steps, working your way up to a more intense workout routine is ideal. 

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