Friday, October 5, 2018

61/2 seconds to smash'em! From thought to fit.

One has to know one's self.
This is 49!

Thinking back at the time when I recorded this video, about a month ago, I recall that I had absolutely no desire what so ever to workout on this day. I did not entertain the thoughts, I quickly smashed the thinking and shifted to doing what had to be done.

You know....those few seconds we have between thought and action? Some call it the 5 second rule. I'm going to call it "61/2 seconds to smash'em."

I touch a lot on consistency, which for me consist of working out at least three times a week. It can be anything from going on a power walk outside, dancing in my home for up to 30 minutes, or hitting the crossover machine, elliptical or treadmill at the gym.

On this particular day I did not feel like doing any of those mentioned.

This exercise is a made up one! yes, I make them up, mix'em and creat'em to keep me engaged and interested in a fitness routine. Even if I look like a fool!  Just as long as I keep it safe, listening to your body is important.

Here I timed myself, 30 minutes, I did not give it any thought, because if I do, eventually my body is going to listen to my mind and I would have walked out of the gym. No thinking allowed during those moods, only action.

How easy is it to do things that are not good for us? like eating a second slice of that double chocolate fudge cheesecake, when your doctor suggested to stay away from such treats in the first place.

And, how hard is it for us to do things that are good for us? like maintaining a consistent fitness related lifestyle.

This is my schmeal for the week, hope you enjoyed reading!!

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