Friday, October 12, 2018

Say NO! to New Year's Resolution Diets Or Dated Promises.

Why not begin a change of health, active and nutritional lifestyle now?

Why wait till the New Year or holidays or special dates of any sort, why not just do it now?

It would sure do a way with expectation from of so called diets, resolutions and promises.

That's the beauty that is within us, we can choose to begin doing something good for us and our loved one's at any given moment. We have that amazing power of choice.

No..... the results will most likely than not happen overnight, but then again most things that are good usually don't. And guess what? Once it becomes a lifestyle the expectations of results are not longer temporary or filled with disappointments.

Practice, yes lot's of it. Patience too!  But, well worth it!

For me in the beginning it started a little something like this: With both fitness and nutrition.

First - I had to push my self to do it. Hard!

Second - I had to be consistent at pushing myself.

Third - I had to be patient.

Fourth -  I watched the magic unveil. It became habit a good kind of habit.

Fifth And So On -  Now, it's a lifestyle.

For me, now it is no longer something I have to put into practice, it is simply a lifestyle. And although I do not deprive myself of that piece of cheese cake for desert at a restaurant. It is also not a staple item on my grocery list.

I believe in moderation. But, I also know through my own test, trials and experimentation that not all things that I can do in moderation are necessarily good for me either.

Awareness - I very much like, as well as acknowledge the way I feel and look with my current lifestyle. More energy, healthier, normal CBC count with annual physical, stronger, confident and much more.  With my prior lifestyle all those mentioned were negative. So why would I want to go back to it, when I can feel like this.......I cherish the reaping rewards.

It was and is just so much better to have and maintain a healthier, physically active lifestyle than it is to finagle with diets, plans, high expectations, frustration's, deprivations and disappointments.

How about a change of lifestyle for the better NOW! instead of the New Year Resolution Diet's or promises?

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