Saturday, November 10, 2018

Natural Solution for joint mobility, trigger finger, knee pain and cartilage.

Update on 11/24/18
Unbelievable!! It's working! My trigger finger symptoms in my thumbs have lessened by at least 92% Since taking Bio - Collagen Supplements.
And my knee pain is at about 98 percent less pain! I am so grateful!

If you read my post back on October, 20th, four weeks ago you will know that I was excited to receive my supplements and anxious to begin my regimen.  It only took 2  weeks to begin noticing the difference and no longer waking up with severe stiff joints and locked thumbs. I am truly in awe!!

I am now a steady customer. It has now only been 4 weeks since I started taking  Bio - Collagen.  I can only anticipate it getting better.

And quite frankly if the results remain at this level, then I still am good with it. I rather feel uncomfortability than pain,  Until I can find other measures to naturally lessen my joint concerns more than Bio Collagen does, I'm sold.

Until then well, I'm a loyal customer. Because I am just so happy to not have to experience the pain I was feeling in my thumbs and knees before I started using these amazing supplements.

Especially in the mornings or during sleep, that's when the pain for some reason was at it's worst!

No more inflammation, stiffness and pain!   It took Life Extension Bio - Collagen for me to feel the amazing benefits...…

I had no idea what on earth was happening to my thumbs, I was so scared...….at times I was out of my mind worried that my thumbs were not ever going to get unlocked and be stuck for ever!!   And of course, I thought....well there goes my job and no more driving. And what about playing with my granddaughter, which is my favorite thing to do!! It was freighting to say the least. 

I will give you a quick answer because anatomy is not my level of expertise. 
So what is Trigger finger?? IN case you are wondering. I googled it -

Tendons are surrounded by a protective sheath in the fingers. Trigger finger happens when the finger's tendon sheath gets inflamed or swollen. 

If you too are suffering from pain in your joints, stiffness, irritability in your tendons, trigger finger or knee pain. You might not want to miss out on looking into a natural solution and if you already have an amazon account you can get more info and read the reviews yourself to find out if it is something that can benefit you too. Visit 

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