Friday, December 7, 2018

Exercise with ankle weights - Home workouts and more.

Hi all, lets get down to the nitty gritty of this post. I'm going to get to the point, because the bottom line is, you're probably not reading something you haven't' read already.

It's hard to be unique on online, therefore I'm just going to be real.  

And we all can use a reminder as well as a push in the right direction every now and than. 

You either want to do something or you don't! You can find excuses or you can find alternatives. 

Ankle weights are a result driven alternative, but even better they are cheap!

They help build strength, endurance, balance and more. 
Add resistance to your exercises by using ankle weights in your workout routine.
Mix it up, make it interesting while burning more calories. With ankle weights you can have the flexibility to change things around by either adding or taking away weight to exercises such as leg raises, leg planks, squat kick and a variety more. 

See photo below an example of different exercises, but even better imagine them with added strength and resistance for more powerful results. Oh and gentlemen, you can have sexy legs too:-)

You can use them sitting, standing and dancing. And they can literally be a a stepping stone to help you get mentally and physically ready for bigger and better things in a fitness and health related lifestyle goal. 

Start off with light ankle weights then work your way up. 

Or simply tidy up around your place while having them on. 

You can even use them while running after the kids and playing with them too. I like to throw them on when my granddaughter comes over and we dance to music together, at the same time I am getting a great workout. Can't beat that! Cardio and quality time all in one!

What ever feels safe and comfy....go for it!

I personally like to use them at home, particularly I do not feel like going to the gym. Check out my snip bit video on one of the exercises I do with ankle weights on. 

Yes, you guessed right, I do make a little change if you order the ankle weights through this amazon link, but I only post items that I like and use myself. 
Whether you buy your ankle weights from here or someplace else, id love for you to come back after getting them and share your experience in a comment below about the cool moves and exercises you are doing with them. 

Wait a minute before you go, I have a fantastic opportunity!  Need a Mentor/Motivator feel free to contact me on My Instagram so we can discuss! At the end of the day we all need somebody that truly cares and can offer guidance. 

Looking forward to connecting you shortly again!

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