Friday, January 25, 2019

When healthy does not mean healthy for you!

Not all things healthy are necessarily healthy for you.

This is what I have come to discover in my odyssey of health and nutrition.
Involving me experiencing trial and error, as well as awareness of my inner and outer self.

In the beginning of embarking on my change of lifestyle, I noticed After several months of  staying consistent with my exercise routine and healthy nutritional intake, that I was not loosing any weight and not looking, nor feeling any better.

The swollen bags under my eyes were still there.
I woke up more tired than when going to bed the night before.
I Lacked energy through out the day and everyday.
All of  my clothes felt tighter and tighter day by day.

Of course I was not pleased and certainly asked myself...."Seriously, how could this be?? After busting my butt at the gym and eliminating all the processed foods."

Experimentation time came and among many findings, below I'm listing two that stood out for me the most.

Two foods that were effecting me negatively.

Food number one: Yogurt and the real 100% Greek one.
I knew for sometime that I was somewhat lactose intolerant. But, in my mind I figured that would not apply to yogurt.
And besides if I moderately to almost never drank milk and had no adverse reaction, then I doubted that such a bragged about, hyped up, food such as Greek yogurt would be fine on a regular basis. Makes sense, huh?
Within a couple of days of me completely banishing yogurt, the swelling under my eyes diminished by at least 85% and the bloating in and around my belly decreased by 75%.
Added good night's of sleep that 85 went up to no swelling under the eyes. Consistent exercise added to mmmmm, lol 90% of less belly bloat. Hey, we can't always be so lucky nor perfect, lol.

Food number two: Whole wheat bread. This boils down to me not having enough knowledge on it and basically hauling down slices of whole wheat bread with the notion that well, it wasn't white bread so it must be good for me. lol wow wee, ignorance. Hence, GLUTEN. And this is how I found out that I may very well be gluten intolerant. Gluten is prominent in whole wheat. And one of the key symptoms of gluten intolerance is inflammation.
Within a few weeks of abstaining from whole wheat bread I noticed a significant increase in energy and better sleep at night.
From time to time I will have a slice or two with soup or in a sandwich, but it is seldom and not enough times to feel the bad effects from it.

So, basically eliminating these two items coupled with regular consistent exercise and adequate nutrition has evolved a wonderful discovery of personal insight and rewards. The results are astounding in the way I look, but most importantly feel.

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