Easy peasy 3 step pasta and crab meat medley! Recipe.

One of mine and my kids all time favorite meal is my no salt added, tossed rotini pasta and crabmeat medley. And even better its healthy, tasty and easy to make.
Ingredients: add as little or as much of each, depending on your taste and preference. That’s what I do.
I don’t have specific measurement requirements on this one and I love that, because it makes it all the easier and more fun to make. Less of an experiment and more of a delight💥😆😉😋 Chopped onions Chopped cilantro Chopped whole clove garlic Sliced red pepper Olive Oil pure Crab meat Barilla Rotini Pasta Mrs. Dash garlic and herb no salt seasoning

Tasty three day dinner plan for health and nutrition.

Hey, yay and yippee!!!  Sharing one my healthy and nutritious 3 day dinner meal plan!

These are the items and ingredients I used. Some I bought, others I already had in my cupboard and fridge.

Brussel sprouts
Snap peas
Red and green peppers
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Low sodium chicken broth

First of the 3 days I made Sautéed brussels sprouts, onions, red and green peppers, added chicken, garlic, olives and capers (rinsed to remove salt) depending on which kind of olives with capers you buy, it can be loaded with sodium.  I added a little salt and pepper seasoning to taste. Prep time was 10 minutes. Cook time 30 - 40 depending on preference of texture in the veggies or whether the Chicken is frozen, raw or already cooked.

Second day of the 3. I made Sautéed Snap peas with onions, peppers, garlic, cilantro, capers, olive oil, dash of salt and pepper. And I grilled a nice piece of Salmon which I was able to cut in half an…

Exercise with ankle weights - Home workouts and more.

Hi all, lets get down to the nitty gritty of this post. I'm going to get to the point, because the bottom line is, you're probably not reading something you haven't' read already.

It's hard to be unique on online, therefore I'm just going to be real.  

And we all can use a reminder as well as a push in the right direction every now and than. 

You either want to do something or you don't! You can find excuses or you can find alternatives. 

Ankle weights are a result driven alternative, but even better they are cheap!

They help build strength, endurance, balance and more. 
Add resistance to your exercises by using ankle weights in your workout routine.
Mix it up, make it interesting while burning more calories. With ankle weights you can have the flexibility to change things around by either adding or taking away weight to exercises such as leg raises, leg planks, squat kick and a variety more. 

See photo below an example of different exercises, but even better imagi…

What's in your Corn Bread Muffin Mix?

We all have our preferences in the foods we consume and there are some of us, such as myself who rather choose food items at its purest form or with as little to no gmo's as possible. 

I recently became more gluten conscious of the foods I eat due to the swelling and inflammatory symptoms I was experiencing when consuming foods which contain gluten and other ingredients. 

My first brow raisers were Jiffy Corn Muffin mix and bread.

Like many people I know, I love corn muffins! And bread too! And I often serve them when my children, granddaughter and parents come to visit me. 

Like I have mentioned on my other post's, just because I have changed to a consistent fitness lifestyle does not mean I deprive myself. I refuse to give up the things I enjoy and rather eat them in moderation as well as choose the ingredients in the things I eat carefully.

I realized that those two food items along with others that I will discuss in another post, were causing me swelling, inflammation, bloating…

A gift that literally gives back all year long.

If there were ever a gift to give yourself, friend or loved one, who is seriously diving into a healthy lifestyle change, it is the Nutribullet - Pro.
I'm sure that most are familiar with it, I too for many years prior to purchasing it, was familiar, and completely underestimated it. Besides, I don't fall for gimmicks, right??  And I didn't when making this purchase.  In my opinion it is one of those items that one has to want, have a desire to use and truly try for themselves. 
I am so very happy to have tried it for myself, because it literally took my decision to make a life style change to another level.  This Gem of a machine is going strong, working great, with excessive use for almost a year now. I've had zero issues with it and I use it 5-6 days a week, sometimes 3 times a day.

Also, I am not very kitchen friendly. There I said it!  So making this purchase was monumental in me including a nutritional diet, with out having to spend the big bucks on another mach…

Natural Solution for joint mobility, trigger finger, knee pain and cartilage.

Update on 11/24/18
Unbelievable!! It's working! My trigger finger symptoms in my thumbs have lessened by at least 92% Since taking Bio - Collagen Supplements.

And my knee pain is at about 98 percent less pain! I am so grateful!

If you read my post back on October, 20th, four weeks ago you will know that I was excited to receive my supplements and anxious to begin my regimen.  It only took 2  weeks to begin noticing the difference and no longer waking up with severe stiff joints and locked thumbs. I am truly in awe!!

I am now a steady customer. It has now only been 4 weeks since I started taking  Bio - Collagen.  I can only anticipate it getting better.

And quite frankly if the results remain at this level, then I still am good with it. I rather feel uncomfortability than pain,  Until I can find other measures to naturally lessen my joint concerns more than Bio Collagen does, I'm sold.

Until then well, I'm a loyal customer. Because I am just so happy to not have to experie…